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By Andrin on December 31, 2021

What Is The Difference Between A Bridge And A Crown In Dentistry?

Are you also confused between tooth crown and dental bridge? Then you should know that in this article we have several facts about dental bridges and crowns that will help you understand them much more.

As we all know dental bridge and dental crowns are cosmetic dental procedures. Crowns are generally a cap that fits or is placed over your tooth for protecting broken teeth and restoring the appearance of your smile. Whereas bridges are replacements of missing teeth that fill the gaps between surrounded teeth and crowns fit the surrounded tooth, which supports the replacement tooth.

What should get a crown or a bridge?

If you are someone suffering from cracked, broken, uneven, or crooked teeth then dental crown cosmetic treatment is the right choice for you it can also prevent you from tooth decay and tooth pain. And if you are suffering from wide gaps between your teeth that stop you from attending events and gathering because you can’t smile properly then a dental bridge must be the right option for you.

How long does a tooth bridge last?

Dental bridges can last anywhere between five to seven years, but if you take care of your oral hygiene and visit your regular dental cleanings or Cosmetic Dentistry, then the bridge can last more than 10 years.

How long do crowns last?

Dental crowns can last for around 15 years but after maintaining and taking care of them your dental crown can last upward of 25-30 years.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

Here are some benefits of dental bridges including these mentioned below:

  1. Bridges can restore your smile
  2. Can restore the capability to chew and speak
  3. Keep the shape of your face
  4. Bridges can distribute the pressure in your bite correctly by replacing missing teeth
  5. Prevent surrounded teeth from shifting

What are the benefits of dental crowns?

Here are some benefits of dental crowns mentioned below that will understand them much more for your requirements:

  1. A dental crown can support the tooth that has been extremely damaged by decay
  2. It can also protect a tooth that has worn away from getting damaged
  3. Crowns can protect  a tooth after a root canal procedure
  4. Dental crowns have the power of getting together or holding a severely cracked or broken tooth together
  5. Crowns help  you cover a dental implant
  6. Improve the appearance

What is the cost of a dental crown?

We have found that normal dental crowns can cost you anywhere between $1100 and $1500. Hence it will depend on your dentist and the type of crown you have chosen

The crown gets much more expensive when you get bone grafting, a root canal, or gum surgery.

What is the cost of dental bridges?

The cost for a dental bridge can vary from  $1,500 to $5,000, it can also depend on the type of bridges you are selecting. As we all know traditional teeth bridges normally can cost you between $2,000 – $5,000.


We hope you liked this article and now you know the facts and differences between dental bridges and tooth crown. If you are interested in learning more about any of these dental procedures then make sure to visit our website.