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By Andrin on June 6, 2023

What Are The Other Alternatives To The Braces?

As we know that time has changed, and now we have the best and most advanced technology. So this has also brought many changes in the medical line. In older times, there was only one type of brace, which was very dull as it was made of metal, and no other colors were added to the braces or bands. It was a plain white or yellow color. But things have changed nowadays as many braces colors are available. Moreover, there are other options as well which are alternatives to braces.

Continue reading the article to know more about the different types of alternatives to braces.

Which are the alternatives to the braces?

● Ceramic Veneers:

Veneers are most suitable for people whose teeth are discolored, misshaped, chipped, or with openings between them. These are made from very thin but very durable ceramics, lasting upto 10-15 years. These are customized according to the patient teeth to be placed in the front teeth.

To improve the appearance of the teeth, a very thin portion of tooth enamel will be removed. Afterward, the custom-made veneers will be placed as shell covers for the front teeth.

Remark that there are two types of dental veneers: ceramic porcelain and resin composite.

● Invisalign :

These are also known as clear aligners that are made of plastic. These are tailored for the treatment of misaligned teeth. It can also fix overbites, crossbites, overcrowding overjets, and gaps. This has the advantage that this is not noticeable by the other people when you wear this. In addition, these are removable, making them much easier and more relaxing than traditional metal braces.

You can check the invisalign dr site to learn more about this type of treatment and its price.

● Ceramic Braces:

Similar to clear aligners, these are also less noticeable. Rather than using stainless steel, the brackets are created of ceramics that are either clear or tooth-colored.

● Lingual Braces:

These are very similar to classic braces that use wires and brackets. The prominent contrast is that they are placed at the back of the teeth, which makes them virtually invisible. As a result, many adults choose this orthodontic treatment option.

Remember that lingual braces are unsuitable for people with overbites or small teeth.

● Retainers:

Retainers are generally used to maintain the position of teeth after wearing braces. Nevertheless, minor dental issues can be treated by wearing retainers.

Summing it up

We hope you liked the article and now know accurately about the modern ways to treat misaligned teeth. All these treatments serve the same purpose of aligning the chipped, crocked, overbite, underbite, and crossbite teeth problems. In addition to that, traditional metal braces are no more the only option for getting straight teeth.

Feel free to tell your orthodontist open saturday about your concerns and the therapeutic options you like best.

 So what are you waiting for?  

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