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By Andrin on March 23, 2023

When Should You Go For Premolar Extraction?

Premolars are also called the permanent bicuspid teeth, located between the molars in the back of your mouth and your canine teeth; these are located in the cuspids, which are situated on the front side of the tooth.

Premolars are the transitional teeth that display the features of both molars and canines. The function of the tooth is the grinding and breaking up of food.

Generally, the premolar teeth work with the dental arch and are present in the lower and upper areas of the month. This explains that there are majorly four molars in our mouth.

When we think about the premolars, there are only 2, and the third molar is the wisdom tooth, and the molars are more significant than the bicuspid neighbors. Dentist in the  Aventura pediatric center provides the best and most accurate premolar extraction.


The Purpose Of Removing The Molar Teeth Is :

The teeth extraction is done chiefly for orthodontic purposes. There are a few reasons why a molar or premolar tooth extraction becomes necessary.

Crowding Of The Teeth:

In standard terms, multiple types and sizes of teeth are available in our mouths. These teeth acquire much space, and then there is no sufficient space left for them, and this causes the teeth to crowd.

This problem can be treated by pediatric dentistry miami by removing all the extra and unnecessary teeth and aligning them in an accurate position. Sometimes extraction is superfluous; if there is precise space and the dentist can correctly align the teeth, no tooth removal occurs.

Vertical Reduction:

Facial aesthetics plays a vital and critical role as this will give us the proper positioning of the tooth and allow the patient to look good and smile cheerfully.

In a few scenarios, premolars are extracted to ensure the facial profile looks more attractive. The extraction of the premolars provides a particular vertical reduction.


The Advantages Of Removing The Premolar Teeth Are :

  • Restricted lingual migration of the mandibular anterior segment
  • Minimal increase in the curve of Spee and overbite.
  • The maintenance of lower incisor position cut back of facial profile flattening in the period of the reduction of an arch length deficiency malocclusion.
  • This will also clear the formation of unesthetic black triangles following orthodontic treatment.
  • Oral hygiene will be maintained effectively as there will not be crowding of teeth, so cleaning, brushing, and flossing will be done correctly.


Little stars dentistry of miami shores assists you with the advantages and will treat you patiently while making all the efforts and money worth it.


The Disadvantages Of Removing The Premolar Are :

When we have seen the prons of the extraction of the premolar teeth than on the other hand, you should also acknowledge some of the side effects of removing this :

  • Reduced Upper Lip Support
  • Less tongue space
  • Risk of Chronic Pain
  • Reduced Functions


Conclusion :

Revoming of premolar teeth can be beneficial before removing when you have considered this with the dentist, which is done following proper precautions. The careful management of the residual extraction will preserve ordinary lip support and make the facial profile accurate and asthetic.

You should fix your consultation session with the  kids dentist biscayne park to know the valid reason for removing or not removing the premolar tooth.