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By Andrin on April 11, 2022

What Are Home Care Tips For Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery?

You must take very good care of your mouth after wisdom teeth removal surgery to avoid possible complications and infections. Your dentist and orthodontist will give you instructions on how you can protect your mouth and maintain oral hygiene after surgery. This might be the only time when your dentist or surgeon suggests you not brush, floss, or rinse your mouth for the whole day after the surgery. 24 hours after the surgery you should-

  • Rinse your mouth with salt water to keep the mouth clean. Do not spit the water out while rinsing.
  • To absorb the excess blood gently dab the wound with gauze

You should be able to go back to your everyday life two to three days after the surgery but refrain from doing anything that reopens your stitches. Like any scab, the blood clot over the healing wisdom tooth hole protects and heals the wound. If the blood clot is disrupted you’ll be at an increased risk of getting an infection and increased pain.

What should we do just the day after the surgery?

The wisdom tooth revival is an outpatient surgery. This means you will arrive and leave at the treatment or surgery center on the same day.  If your doctor sedates you or injects you with general anesthesia then it would take longer for you to wake up so you’ll be taken into a recovery room. Ask pediatric orthodontists near me which type of anesthetic or sedation to expect. After the effect of anesthesia has worn off you may feel some pain and swelling inside and outside of your mouth which is completely normal.

You may also experience some bleeding in your mouth during the first day of wisdom teeth removal recovery. Apply an ice pack gently to the outside of your cheek to reduce the swelling and pain. You can also take dentist-prescribed counter pain medicines to get relief from the pain. Eat soft foods which don’t require much chewing for a few days after the surgery. And avoid alcohol, smoking, and caffeine for at least a week or two after the surgery.

What is the wisdom teeth removal recovery timeline?

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most popular and common dental surgical procedures. According to the wisdom teeth removal recovery timeline, it may take a week for a patient to recover fully from the surgery. Taking good care of your wound may help it heal as quickly as possible. The blood clot will form during the first 24 hours after the surgery. Then the swelling and pain in your mouth should improve in 2-3 days after surgery, in seven days of the wisdom teeth healing process the dentist will remove any remaining stitches. In 7-10 days the soreness and jaw stiffness should go away and finally in two weeks after the surgery any mild bruising on the face should heal.


Hereby, we can conclude that the above information tells us valuable information about wisdom teeth removal recovery, home care tips for wisdom tooth removal recovery, wisdom tooth removal recovery timeline, and more. For more information regarding wisdom tooth removal recovery please contact