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By Samuel Miller on April 5, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About iPhone 13 Wood Case.

If you’ve gone out and gotten yourself a bamboo iPhone case then you already know just how great these cases can be. They are lightweight, strong, and have some of the best natural wood grain structures of any wooden cases on the market today.

Although they might not stand up to the kind of impacts that an Otterbox type industrial case can withstand, they certainly are strong enough to protect your phone from the day-to-day handling and jostling that occurs.

However, like other wood products, you can extend the life of your mobile case. You can also opt for the same tips used for other wooden products to increase wooden mobile case durability. Explore the premium collection of iPhone 13 wood cases to protect your phone from scratches.


How to maintain an iPhone 13 wood case?

You can follow the tips that may include;

  • The number one rule for extending the life of your iPhone 13 wood phone case is to keep it dry! That said, nothing horrible will happen if it happens to get a bit of water, soda, or other liquid on it. What you don’t want to have to happen is constant contact with these liquids – which would probably be bad for your iPhone as well! Just remember to not set the case down on a wet countertop or things like that – the repeated wetting and drying of the bamboo will cause the wood to swell and shrink which will result in stresses that can pull apart the case. If you do happen to get some liquids on your case, wipe it off as soon as you can.
  • The second thing that you can do to keep your case in top shape for a long time is to apply a bit of mineral oil. This is the same process that owners of good wood cutting boards use to keep them slightly moisturized and to prevent liquids from affecting them as much. Mineral oil is very inexpensive and can be used in many places; if you don’t already have some you can pick it up at nearly any grocery or hardware store. Apply the mineral oil to a clean rag or towel and then rub it into the bamboo case. Make sure that you take the phone out of the case so that you can get the inside and edges of the case as well – this helps make a “seal” for the wood that will keep it protected.


  • If you fall our iPhone with the bamboo case on accidentally, check it for damages. Catching cracks when they happen can help you to fix them right away instead of letting them grow into something that will ruin the case. If a small nick or crack is noticed, use some wood glue or transparent epoxy to join the area back together. Afterward, you may need to file or sand the area to remove any raised glue nodules. Not only will this look better, but you will be keeping the crack from spreading.


These three quick tips will help keep your new bamboo case looking good for a long time to come. Don’t forget to occasionally reapply the mineral oil with a clean rag for the best look and protection. You can also explore the iPhone 13 mini wood phone case according to your needs.

Why Buy a Wood Phone case?


We here try to find out the ways how wooden phone cases are superior to other materials, you can take a quick look;

  1. Essence- If you love to look unique and have unique things that are unmatchable to the beauty and style of other brands, you are on the right track as buying a wooden mobile phone case will make you feel extraordinary.


  1. Sturdiness – Did you realize that wooden telephone cases are significantly more tough than plastic? Plastic telephone cases can twist, break, liquefy, and chip over the long run, whereas wooden telephone cases are profoundly durable, strong, and non-delicate.


  1. Get Better with Age – There is a reality that wood turns out to be more helpful and alluring with the progression of time. Dissimilar to plastic, which twists, chips, erodes, breaks, and even melts over the long haul, our wooden telephone frill is unbelievable like that. Your wooden telephone case will acquire character over the long haul. Those little scratches, marks, and beats without wanting to just bring your adornments character and life.


  1. Lightweight – Wooden telephone cases can be exceptionally lightweight relying upon the wood veneers thickness that is utilized. All our wooden telephone cases are intended to be moderate in the plan, yet offer the security you want, and the uniqueness that is wanted. Also, relax, our wooden telephone cases are incredibly light and you can undoubtedly complete them easily.


  1. Beautiful Carved Patterns – If you like to have an engraved wooden telephone case to cover your telephone, online stores like have a great deal of pre-made plans to browse. You will love the engraved example plans the most as a result of their uniqueness and the vibe of the engraved case in their grasp.

You will never disappoint while you go through the wide collection of different designs and patterns of i-phone mobile cases. There are several options to go through and pick the best one for your mobile phone. You can also look for iPhone 13 mini-cases.