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By Charlotte Brown on January 18, 2022

Is Revlite Laser Treatment Effective To Get Brighten Skin

Is your skin looking dull or lifeless? or it has been damaged a lot due to the sun’s harmful rays or acne, you should consider Skin Specialist Sydney for a laser skin rejuvenation. This method will also allow you to reduce fine lines and pore size.

Everybody strives to look good and do different things to achieve younger-looking skin. We spend a lot of time and money trying different cosmetic products by seeing advertisements. People have gone through some painful skin treatments with downtime like chemical peeling which can end in redness. Luckily, they need not endure more as there is a variety of laser treatments that can help patients get a younger-looking smooth skin in no time. Get the consultation at the Skin Clinic Bondi. Recently, you must have heard about the Revlite laser treatment, it is a great help in getting rid of various skin issues.

What Is Revlite Laser Treatment?

Revlite is a laser treatment that offers an even skin tone by treating various skin issues like skin pigmentation, enlarged pores, wrinkles and lines, ageing skin, and sun damage.

Moreover, Revlite laser treatment is a very easy, safe, and chemical-free skin treatment. This procedure takes twenty minutes to complete. The following procedure uses short pulses of laser light that penetrate the skin deeply to access common skin issues. Patients can leave the clinic just after the Rejuvenation Sydney treatment and resume their daily activities. What will you feel during the treatment?

Most people explain it as a hot tingling sensation that can resemble the flick of a rubber band. Patients may experience redness over the treated area for a very short term.  The procedure is completely safe and effective.

Is Revlite treatment limited to the face?

No,  not at all. Apart from treating face issues, it is also used to lighten dark areas of other body parts including the elbows, knees, bikini, and Brazilian.

What Is The Revlite Laser?

The Revlite consists of a Q-switched laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm or 532 nm. The energy released from the device comes with the interval of a nanosecond that includes a very focused burst of energy. The energy is able to shatter pigment.

What Is The Revlite Laser Employed For?

Generally, the Revlite Q-switched laser is utilized for tattoo removal. The focused energy can destroy tattoo pigment effectively. But if the laser energy is used in a 532 nm setting, it can also be used to treat various brown spots. It is an awesome tool for eliminating lentigines, flat seborrheic keratoses, and freckles.

Also, the Revlite laser can be utilized for laser toning to stimulate collagen. The stimulation of collagen will help diminish the fine lines and wrinkles. The Revlite laser at the setting of 1064 nm is also an ideal option for opening clogged pores and blackheads in acne.

Is The Revlite Laser Painful While Treating Freckles And Sunspots?

Usually, the Revlite does not cause severe pain during the treatment. To treat the smaller area, professionals use chilled air to offer local numbing and for the bigger areas, professionals use topical numbing which is applied sixty minutes before the procedure.

The Revlite laser with the setting of 532 nm should not be used on dark or tan skin. If it is used by an experienced dermatologist, the procedure is completely safe and effective.

However, every medical procedure always carries risks with itself, it might cause slight risks, therefore, consult your dermatologist before going through the procedure.