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By Andrin on January 17, 2022

What Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions By Candidates Of Vein Disease?

Are you someone suffering from varicose veins? Then you must have many questions related to this disorder. Many people aren’t comfortable or some are afraid to ask several questions to their doctor or vein surgeon. For those people, we have some of the topmost asked questions by the patients of vein disease so make sure to read them carefully as it can be very helpful for you in treating your veins.

What is vein disorder?

Vein disease is a disorder that damages your veins and develops them as a blood clot. There are two types of vein disease. Varicose veins: varicose veins are enlarged and twisted veins that generally appear on legs with discoloration of the skin.  Spider veins: spider veins are tiny small veins that are also found in legs and look like spider veins.

Both of these veins are not that hazardous but can cause  you swelling and pain in your legs and sometimes difficulty in standings and sitting for long hours

How long does it take for varicose veins to heal?

We have found from studies that varicose veins generally take three to four months when it comes to healing whereas spider veins can disappear in just three to six weeks.

For proper disappearance of your veins, you need to get the treatment two to three times with proper consultation with your veins specialist.

How can I prevent varicose veins from growing naturally?

If you are someone that is in the initial stage of varicose vein disease you should know you can still stop letting it grow by doing the following home remedies that will help your managing the condition and improve symptoms:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Wear compression stockings
  • Plant extracts
  • Change in diet
  • Eat more flavonoids
  • Herbal remedies
  • Avoid tight clothing
  • Avoid wearing heels
  • Keep the legs elevated

What Kind of Doctor is a Vein Specialist?

A vein specialist is a vein doctor, vein expects, and a vein surgeon that specializes in the removal, diagnosis, and treatment of varicose and spider veins. A doctor that specializes in vein treatment is medically known as a phlebologist.

Why is visiting a vein specialist important?

You should always visit a vein specialist rather than visit your physician. If you are thinking why just read the above question mentioned, a vein specialist is a person who specialised in treating veins. Then why visit a physician and dermatologist if you have a treatment of vein with an atual vein doctor.

Which is the best treatment for varicose veins?

Not many people believe but Sclerotherapy is the most common treatment for leg veins. Many dermatologists have enhanced sclerotherapy treatment technology to make it safer and give better results. Every vein specialist prefers getting sclerotherapy for removing varicose and spider vein disease.


We hope you liked this article and now you have answers to all your questions including “what kind of doctor specializes in veins”. If you are looking for any more information related to vein disease then make sure to visit our website and book your consultation with our professional veins specialist.