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By Andrin on January 18, 2022

Is a Gingivectomy Permanent?

Recently, as per the American dental association, around 50% of Americans over 30 have some type of periodontal disease. The process of a gingivectomy is to conduct the healing effects of the periodontal diseases or to correct a gum situation that includes the structure near your teeth.  This is one of the few processes that help in reversing periodontal problems. Read on to learn more about laser gingivectomy, signs, and treatment. It will help you in getting back your tip-top shape and the gummy smile.

What is a gingivectomy?

Gingivectomy is the surgical deduction of the gingiva or gum tissue. It helps in curing situations like gingivitis. Additionally, gingivectomy Montrose is used to extracting the extra gum tissue for cosmetic reasons, such as to alter a smile.

What is laser gingivectomy?

Laser gingivectomy is a dental process that scalpels the gingival tissue to enhance long-term dental health or aesthetics. In comparison to conventional scalpel operations, soft-tissue dental lasers like CO2 lasers, etc. would conduct this process. The methods of this laser gingivectomy near me offer a stable, precise bloodless, accelerated healing process, and are frequently less painful. Although laser gingivectomy is becoming more famous due to its adaptability, fewer dealings with the hard tissue, ease to use, and less costly to set up.

Who is the best candidate for gingivectomy?

A periodontitis gingivectomy may suggest gingivectomy if you have gum recession from:

  • Gum injury
  • Aging
  • Bacterial infections
  • Gum disease, (like gingivitis)

Is laser gingivectomy painful?

This is a method, in which we see that the pain postoperative was less noticeable in comparison with the conventional gingivectomy pain. This would be attributed to the heat that is generated through a laser that impedes the pain receptors and the curdling that is facilitated by a dry and secluded environment, and less infection to damage.

How long does laser gingivectomy take to heal?

The normal time required by a gingivectomy Houston to heal after the laser gum surgery depends on the criticalness of the disease. Normally this would take 2-4 weeks to completely get healed.

What care is required post-gingivectomy?

Half of the patients would return to a normal oral care procedure in less than a month after the technique is completed. Regular dental checkups with a periodontist or dentist at Dental Clinic Houston Tx will assure that your surgery is successful. The specialist who has undertaken a surgery will likely take the follow-ups sessions with the patients every 3 months. Also, every 2 years for the preventive health visit to clean in and near the surgical site.

Is a gingivectomy safe?

LANAP Laser Gingivectomy is a less-invasive and safe process which means half of the patients recover fastly with no side effects. If the teeth’ roots are uncovered, then a gingivectomy will help in eliminating the sensitivity of hot, cold, or sweet substances. Further, it results in decades to take care of the gums and teeth.


The process of a gingivectomy is a low-cost, and low-risk technique to take care of damaged gum tissue or enhance the look of your smile. The process of this will not take a long time to recover and the result from this is completely positive. Further, if you also want to go for such a procedure then do contact our best laser dental clinic near me.