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By Peterparker on July 7, 2020

Career and Education Planning

Career and education are two inseparable terms. The first can’t be attained without the other, and the other can’t be possible without an idea of the first. Got my point? Well, to make it clear, a good career can’t be attained without proper education, and education can’t be possible and has no use if you have no plans for achieving a career. It is for this reason actually that people in today’s tough and highly competitive world think and plan about career and education.

Career and education can be attained in different possible ways. However, it’s not an easy endeavor. You have to have the interest, the time, and the effort needed for you to survive and succeed. After all, obtaining a career and education can be one of the biggest dreams you may think of, so be ready to spend everything that you can for your own sake.

A good career and education starts with proper planning. The career planning should begin as early as possible, perhaps not as early as preschool, but at least at the secondary stage of your education. This must be considered to give you the chance to optimize the wide range of options that would be available for you to choose from. Education takes its great use here as without proper education, where else can you learn and plan about your career? A good career wouldn’t be possible without its foundation – education.

With such reason, career and education planning is taught by professionals to their students as soon as they enter the secondary stage. Those who are in the first level are usually taught about the nature and importance of career and education. The students are also taught about the variety of factors that may restrict or broaden the so-called “competitive position”. Ideas about proper decision making, as well as self-awareness of the impact of the student’s skills, values, and interests on their career and education decision are also often tackled during the first year.

As the students enter the second level, sorts of surveys and evaluations are typically considered. The evaluation is basically conducted to learn what particular career and education specialty the student will be interested in. Decision making skills are also given importance knowing that it will help the student evaluate and narrow their career options.

In the third year, the students are required to learn the best possible ways of optimizing their clerkship experiences. During this stage, career and education planning may involve learning how to ask questions that will help the students in narrowing their career options. Still, decision making is given a greater importance. And, finally, when the students reached fourth year, the career and education planning will simply involve the finalization of everything learned from the early stages. When the person reaches this stage, it is expected that he or she has already developed a better decision making strategy and is highly ready for facing what lies beyond.

Career and education planning is indeed a great factor to consider when thinking for your future. Perhaps the best way you can do is to value your education the way you value your career.