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By Andrin on February 1, 2023

Why Do We Wear Dentures?

Dentures near me not only make a smile with several missing teeth look better, but they help maintain the integrity of the mouth’s structure by supporting the tissues around the cheeks and lips. Additionally, chewing-hard food can be consumed with dentures, letting you maintain your diet and get the nutrition you need.

Last but not least, dentures are a good option for replacing teeth causing significant pain and oral health problems, like those with severely damaged roots or rotten roots. When they fit the dentures, they remove problematic teeth and replace them with a durable and attractive substitute.

What are partial dentures?

When one or more teeth are lost, neighboring natural teeth are too weak to support dental bridges. Partial dentures are frequently utilized in place of other tooth replacement options. The partial dentures are adapted to the portion of the gum line they rest on and secured to neighboring healthy teeth to prevent dislocation. However, they are not firmly attached and can be removed for cleaning or sleeping. You can see the clear results in your teeth before and after partial dentures.

What are full dentures?

Full dentures often called complete dentures, are prosthetics that completely replace your natural teeth. They are held in position by suction and an oral glue and can be customized to fit your top or bottom gum line. They can be removed with ease, just like partial dentures.

What are immediate dentures and overdentures?

Immediate dentures.

These immediate dentures are placed the same day the remaining teeth are extracted. During your first appointment, your dentist for dental emergency near me will measure your jaw and create models. While you don’t have to go without teeth while your jaw heals, you might need to redo your same-day dentures when it has.


It’s possible to prevent some of your teeth, protect your jawbone, and give your denture solidity and support. Overdenture can cover some of your natural teeth that are still intact after your dentist prepared them. You can also gain exact purpose using implants.

How do new dentures feel like?

For a few weeks, new dentures could feel strange or loose until your cheek and tongue muscles get used to holding them in place, and you feel comfortable putting them in and taking them out. When you initially start wearing dentures, it’s common for slight irritation or soreness to occur and for saliva flow to rise, but these issues will go away as your mouth becomes used to them.

Is it difficult to eat with dentures in your mouth?

It will take some time to adjust, and it may be uncomfortable for some wearers to eat with new dentures for weeks. Start with a soft chopped-up meal into little pieces to get acclimated to the new denture. Use both sides of your mouth to chew slowly. Exercise caution with hot or hard meals and sharp-edged bones or shells. Additionally, avoid overly hard or sticky meals.


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