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By Andrin on January 26, 2023

Why Do People Need Teeth Bonding?

The teeth bonding process involves applying and hardening a tooth-colored resin substance to the tooth to restore or enhance one’s smile. A dentist midtown Houston may suggest dental bonding:

  • To fix their chipped or cracked tooth or teeth.
  • To repair decayed teeth.
  • For the improvement of the appearance of discolored teeth
  • To make teeth appear longer.
  • To close gaps between teeth.
  • As a cosmetic substitute for amalgam fillings
  • To save the part of the exposed tooth’s root after the gum recedes.
  • To change the shape of their teeth.

What benefits and disadvantages does dental bonding have?


According to orthodontics near me, tooth bonding is one of the most accessible and affordable cosmetic dental procedures. Except when multiple teeth need to be treated, teeth bonding Houston frequently only necessitates a single clinic visit. On the other hand, customized tooth coverings like veneers and crowns must be made in a lab. Additionally, unlike veneers and crowns, the least amount of tooth enamel is removed. Unless dental bonding is done to fill a cavity, anesthesia is often not required.


Compared to crowns, bonded teeth are less stain-resistant, and bonding materials are not as solid and long-lasting as crowns, veneers, or fillings. The materials used for bonding can sometimes break and chip away from the tooth. Due to various limitations of the method, some adult orthodontics Houston may feel that dental bonding is best suited for minor cosmetic adjustments, temporary treatment of cosmetic concerns, and restoring teeth in areas with shallow biting pressure.

What Is the lifespan of bonded teeth?

How much bonding they do and your oral hygiene routine impact the durability of dental bonding materials. According to the dentist open Saturday Houston, natural teeth are more durable than bonded teeth, which are weaker due to specific habits. For instance, the bonding material may come off the teeth if you prefer to bite down hard. If you smoke or consume a lot of dark beverages, such as coffee or red wine, your bonding substance will easily stain and need to be replaced sooner.

On whom does dental bonding work the best?

Teeth with mild degeneration and minor damage make the best candidates for tooth bonding. If you lost a tooth or the tooth is significantly damaged, you prefer a dental implant to bond. Dental implants can replace the entire tooth, including the root, with an implant and a porcelain crown.

The best candidates for dental bonding near me are the ones who are already happy with the color of their teeth. Before consulting your dentist for teeth bonding, you should whiten your teeth if you’ve always wanted to. Your natural enamel’s color will lighten if you subsequently have your teeth whitened, but the bond’s color won’t change.

Do we need dental bonding even for a small chip?

While many people are concerned about their smile, fixing chips and cracks is crucial for your overall dental health, it makes for good chewing. It prevents future damage that could endanger the health of the surrounding teeth.


The above article talks about dental bonding and why people may need it. It also highlights the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure. For more details, please visit