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By Andrin on December 13, 2021

What Do You Understand By The Laser Treatment For Varicose Veins?

In today’s scenario, around 75% of the population is dealing with varicose veins and looking for the best treatment to cure their veins. Many a time people go for a laser treatment to deal with their veins. Let’s read more about the laser treatment for varicose veins.

What are the treatment options for varicose veins?

Laser treatment is the best and effective treatment for your varicose veins. The laser is a  beam of lights that is strongly focused. And the doctor employs a laser treatment for curing the varicose veins. The heat of a laser will destroy the veins, which leads to scar tissue. This tissue may lock the vein. A locked vein may lose the source of blood and die. After a certain year or two, the vein certainly may vanish.

  • Simple laser treatment

This treatment is performed outside on your skin. It may cure the spider veins and small varicose veins under your skin. Generally, there is a requirement that more than one or two laser sessions be done. This requires 6-12weeks as per the prescription of your experts.

  • Endovenous laser treatment

This may help you in treating the larger varicose veins in the legs. A laser fibre is approved because of a catheter (thin tube) into a vein. During this procedure, a vein specialist will watch the vein on a duplex ultrasound screen. The treatment of laser is not as painful as vein stripping and ligation, which has a very short period for recovery. The only things which require are light sedatives or anaesthesia for laser treatment.

Why this treatment is used for treating varicose veins?

The treatment is performed in two different ways ie; simple and endovenous laser treatment.

Endovenous laser treatment is utilised while closing off the bigger varicose veins, rather than operating a surgery for its elimination.

On the other hand, simple laser treatment is performed for curing small varicose and spider veins. However, many a time this is considered as a second treatment step, after the treatment of varicose veins with surgery, sclerotherapy, radiofrequency, or endovenous laser treatment.

Does laser vein removal really work?

Yes, laser vein removal helps in treating patients with vein diseases. Many a time, the laser treatment is used both for varicose and spider vein as with this treatment the veins would not grow again.

The heat of a laser may deteriorate the smaller veins. The focus of the laser beam is on the veins and does not have harmful effects on their skin tissues. Within 4-6 weeks, the vein is affiliated by the body and vanishes.

What is the risk associated with laser treatment?

Several effects are there associated with the laser treatment which includes-

  • Changes in your skin colour.
  • Deep veins
  • Skin burning
  • Small or large clotting of blood in the vein
  • The feeling of pain, burning or tingling after recovery from nerve damage

If your vein specialist is more experienced with laser treatment, then there should be less risk with the process. Anyways, always talk to your doctor about whether these side effects are going to take place in their condition or not.


From the above, it is clear how laser treatment will perform its work. And it should always be necessary to look at the side effects of this treatment. Still, if you have any doubts then do contact us today!