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By Andrin on December 11, 2021

Butt Surgery Could Be The One You Are Looking For

Some women and men are not happy with the size or shape of your rear end? Do you wish for a curvy body or just a better shape? If yes you don’t have to be worried about it all the time, all you have to do is visit a surgeon for the consultation of bbl surgery. If you do exercise and still can’t achieve the results you desire, you may want to consider bbl surgery.

Let’s understand, what is bbl surgery?

Bbl surgery (Brazilian butt lift) is generally known as butt augmentation which is a cosmetic surgical operation performed on people who want to change their buttocks look. The liposuction procedure is performed by the surgeon to exact excess fat from other bodies during a Brazilian butt lift.

There are a few different situations that make a person an ideal candidate for butt augmentation. Any person who is unhappy with the shape of their rear end is usually a good candidate as long as they are in good health. If you are someone very precise about things you should check your surgeon’s official website and read bbl before and after reviews by his/her clients.

Benefits of this procedure:

This procedure provides people with a fuller, more contoured rear end. Bodybuilders may also be good candidates if they are unable to develop the gluteal muscles that are in proportion with the rest of their body. Going in for an initial consultation is a good way to determine if you are an ideal candidate for this procedure.

This procedure is great because it helps to shape the rear end and indemnify the lack of fat in that particular area.

There are types of procedures

  • Using either silicone implants or
  • By injecting the patient with their fat cells.

In this type of procedure, the most ideal is to use injections of the patient’s fat cells. This option provides numerous benefits, including a more natural look, a lower risk for infection, and it gives the overall effect of a more contoured rear end. There are cases when silicone implants may be more appropriate, including naturally thin people and bodybuilders who may have a lack of body fat.

BBL Recovery Time:

Bbl Recovery time for this type of procedure typically lasts for two to three weeks. During this period, patients should avoid sitting or lying directly on their backside because this tends to provide maximum results. A patient may need to wear a compression garment during this time. It is also common for a patient to experience some pain, swelling, and bruising after surgery, but they can usually return to work in about two weeks. Activity can usually return to normal in roughly four weeks, and the swelling is usually completely resolved in about six weeks.

Risk of this procedure:

As with any surgical procedure, butt augmentation can pose some risks, these may include

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • reactions to the anesthesia
  • muscle or nerve damage
  • bbl scars

In rare cases, one of the implants may shift after placement and a second procedure may be necessary to achieve the desired outcome. When performed by a qualified and skilled surgeon, butt augmentation should be a permanent procedure that provides desired results for most patients.


We hope you liked this article and it was somewhere a help for you. If you are still in doubt about having this treatment or not you can search on the web for articles related to bbl surgery before and after and get all your doubts clear.