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By Andrin on December 28, 2022

What Are The Steps Involved In Invisalign Procedure?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that most people prefer to enhance their smile. You can get a beautiful and perfectly aligned smile with Invisalign clear braces. Invisalign wearers have an advantage because Invisalign’s are less noticeable and straightens teeth without using metal braces.


Here are the steps used in the procedure:

Step 1: Determining if you are the right candidate for the procedure:

If you are considering Invisalign, firstly, you will be checked by your dentist that you are the perfect candidate that can have Invisalign. If you have signs of orthodontic issues like openbites, underbites, overbites, crossbites, gapped teeth, and overcrowding. Then you prove to be a suitable candidate for Invisalign.


Your dentist may ask you to choose metal braces because Invisalign cannot correct severe tooth issues, like significant gaps or more angled teeth. Metal braces can slowly change the shape of your teeth.


You can discuss the treatment cost and how long treatment will take with your Invisalign Near Me. You can also ask for insurance coverage options.

Step 2: Create a custom treatment plan

Your dentist will create a treatment plan according to your dental needs if you are a good candidate for Invisalign.


Your dentist will then take an impression of your mouth and X-rays. The Invisalign is custom-made, so it should fit the patient’s mouth perfectly. This is a fast process with the latest technology using the digital impression.



The scans enable the dentist to make a precise virtual model of the patient’s gums and teeth. Only taking a few minutes to create the digital model. After that, your dentist plans and places orders for multiple trays according to the treatment plan.

Step 3: Placing the first set of trays:

As soon as the dentist receives the custom-made aligners, the dentist will schedule an appointment to install the trays. Your dentist will then place the trays in your mouth, making you feel comfortable as it is designed for your teeth. These trays are removable; you can remove them when eating or drinking.


The dentist will also place composite resin material to fix it on the teeth. They are similar to your teeth’ color. Remember to wear the Invisalign for atleast 22 hours to get the desired results.


Your dentist may do some fixing while placing the trays, and during the process, the dentist will also give you instructions on how to remove and place the trays back in your mouth. The dentist near me will explain how to clean the Invisalign. You will have to return in two weeks or one week to replace the aligners.


Step 4: Visit for regular adjustments.

As the trays are installed, you must visit the dentist’s office near me after a week or weeks. Your teeth will shift to their original position slowly, so you have to come for the adjustments of the trays. Your dentist will provide you with a new set of aligners.


Step 5: Replacing aligners with retainers

Once your teeth are correctly aligned, your dentist will remove the buttons that fit on your teeth, and you no more have to wear the aligners. But sometimes, your dentist will ask you to wear retainers as your teeth may shift back to a misaligned position. So, in some cases, aftercare is necessary to maintain the shape of your teeth. These trays help the teeth stay straight in their place, similar to algners.

In Conclusion:

If you face dental issues like crooked teeth, open bites, underbites, etc. Visit your dentist and book a consultation appointment.


If you are considering Invisalign treatment, consult your emergency dentist for more details.