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By Kurtis Nace on December 22, 2022

What Are the Most Common Reasons for Braces?

Health and aligned teeth also determine how much confident you are. More than 4 million people in the US are unsatisfied with their mouths and teeths. The reason for braces will vary from person to person. This starts with a dental visit for a thorough diagnosis and treatments.

You should continue your daily practices while having dental treatment. So, in this article, you will learn why you can have dental braces.

You Have an Overbite

Most people think dental braces are only for cosmetic reasons, and they will get them because of look normal.

People who grow up with overbites may get bullied or feel less confident about their looks. If you suffer from an overbite condition, consider contacting a children’s orthodontist near me for overbite braces. The severity of the condition may vary from patient to patient. Because due to overbite, you can feel many issues like damaged gums, tongue, or chipped teeth. If your child suffers from an overbite, they are more likely to injure lower lip bleeding.

You Have an Underbite

Underbites are very opposite to overbites. When your jaw is still, your lower jaw crosses the upper teeth. You can notice this while smiling or laughing. When it becomes severe, it can create a bulldog-like appearance. It is more than a cosmetic problem; it makes eating and chewing difficult. You are likely to injure your mouth while talking or pain due to misalignment between the teeth.

Thus you should consider seeking a dentist for thorough treatment and diagnosis of underbite condition; then, they will place underbite braces.

You Have an Open bite.

An open bite is a unique dental problem when an individual has open space at the front side or sides of their mouth when they bite. You can see this gap while smiling from the top and bottom of your teeth. You could have difficulty eating or speaking when you have an open bite. Some may feel embarrassed and bad for their look.

It’s one reason people develop the temporomandibular joint disorder( TMJ). This can cause chronic pain and disorder.

You Have Little Teeth Space

Overcrowding of your teeth is one of the complications for which you can consider contacting adult orthodontics near me.

In such a problem, you will have less room for your teeth. The teeth can overlap with one, and another may be inwards or outwards.

Bad breath may occur because some particles get stuck in tight spaces, making flossing difficult. Small paces uncleaned increase the risk of cavities, dental plaque, and gingivitis.

You Have Too Much Teeth Space

Sometimes, a person has too much space between their teeth. Crazy gaps are one of the reasons for dental braces. This can also make your smile awkward. Frequently, people will unintentionally grind their teeth. Gaps should be uniform or appear in one spot, such as between the front teeth. Food can get trapped in between the gap pockets.


If you are suffering from any of these issues, you should contact a doctor for a thorough treatment and diagnosis. Then they will recommend affordable braces near me to correct the problem.