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By Andrin on January 28, 2022

What Are The Signs That Show You Have A Cracked Tooth?

A tooth can be cracked due to many reasons and it may be visible in some cases. If you are suffering from pain while biting and chewing food or if you have started to sense tooth sensitivity to hot and cold then you should visit the emergency dentist spring branch because this is the case where your tooth has cracked.

You should not avoid a cracked tooth because it can make it a lot difficult for the dentist city centre to discover the crack, particularly if it is tiny and not easily visible. If you have released it by now that you have cracked teeth then you should hurry and make an appointment with the dentist. Avoiding cracked teeth for a long time can cause discomfort and pain.

What are the symptoms of cracked teeth?

Here are some symptoms of cracked teeth mentioned by city center dental listed below:

  • Severe pain while biting and chewing
  • Swollen gums
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Prolonged pain that comes and goes
  • Discomfort around cracked teeth
  • Redness and tender gums 

If you are suffering from any of such mentioned issues then make sure to visit a dentist and get dental fracture treatment.

What are the causes of cracked teeth?

There are numerous reasons why teeth can crack. Here are some causes of cracked tooth mentioned below that require an immediate visit to spring branch dental:

  • Extra pressure on biting a piece of food
  • Excessive bruxism ( teeth grinding or clenching)
  • Injury and trauma to teeth
  • Broken tooth filling can weaken the remaining tooth structure

What is the treatment available for cracked teeth?

There are many treatments available for cracked teeth depending on the location of the crack on your teeth and how much damage there has been. If you have a tiny crack there might be no need for a broken tooth extraction or any other treatment. Here is some treatment of crack teeth mentioned below:

  • Your dentist might glue your chipped or broken part of teeth again
  • The cracked tooth might get repaired with plastic resin which is also known as dental bonding
  • There can be dental filling treatment also for saving the tooth
  • Your dentist may use a dental crown as a cap for covering the entire cracked tooth

There can be some severe cases where the tooth cracked released the pulp of the tooth that requires immediate root canal treatment. If the tooth has become cracked with filling then your dentist might have suggested removal of dental filling for reducing the chance of further damage.

What are the complications of cracked teeth?

A cracked tooth can cause several health complications if it is left untreated, it can cause severe tooth infection also. Here are some signs of tooth infection caused by untreated cracked teeth:

  • Increased tooth pain
  • Excessively swollen gums
  • Increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Bad breath
  • Tooth abscess

Some of these complications might require damaged teeth treatment by the best dentist.

The Takeaways!

We hope you liked this article and now you have in-depth information about cracked teeth and their treatment. If you are someone looking for Fractured Cusp Molar Treatment then you can visit our website as we have dental professionals who’ll help you with further queries about the treatment.