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By Andrin on December 8, 2021

What Are Some Interesting Facts That Make Invisalign Appreciable?

Rarely does anyone like visiting the best orthodontist near me, and especially not a dentist. What’s more, having to wear braces, whether visible or invisible, sometimes feels too much of a burden to bear. Honestly, no one likes the discomfort, sensitivity, and cumbersomeness of having to take out and put the braces back on every time you have to eat.

Well, if you feel that you’ve had just about enough; take a moment to sample these surprising facts, which are sure to make you appreciate your Invisalign treatment. Explore the best place to get braces near me if you want superior results.

  1. You’ll Only Have Two Sets Of Teeth in Your Entire Lifetime:

If you were a crocodile, you wouldn’t worry about losing one, two, or even all of your teeth. You’d simply grow a new tooth as soon as you lost one. Unfortunately, you’re just a mere human being who can only have two sets of teeth in his/ her entire lifetime. In fact, if you’re 21 years of age or more, you’ve already used up your second chance at renewing your dental formula (according to the Better Health Channel, people will have an average of 32 permanent teeth by 21 years of age).

What this means is that you need to take extra care of your teeth. If you don’t, you’ll be at risk of living a toothless existence for the rest of your life. Therefore, make sure that you faithfully abide by your orthodontist’s prescription in your Invisalign braces near me.

  1. Your Mouth Has 200+ Bacterial Species:

If you analyzed your mouth right now, you’d find between 200 to 300 species of bacteria (based on a 1996 research report by the University of Texas). These are simply bacteria that just live in your mouth for no reason whatsoever. Just imagine what would happen if you missed brushing your teeth for one, two, or even three whole days?

Thankfully, not all those bacterial species cause dental decay, but just having them around means that you must always be extra vigilant concerning your dental health. Such vigilance is even more necessary while wearing braces. In this case, if you don’t maintain proper oral hygiene, the likely build-up of dental caries will be detrimental to your treatment.

  1. Ancient Chinese Wrapped Prayer Parchment On Painful Teeth

Although the Chinese are credited with the very first invention of toothbrushes, during the late 1400s, they also had a very strange way of treating painful teeth. Such teeth were merely wrapped in tiny parchment (based on information from the Colorado Springs Dental Society). Visit the best invisalign near me to have a straight and beautiful smile.

You might assume that the parchment would at least have some form of herbal remedy, but that isn’t so. They just had written prayers and incantations.

Invisalign cost Miami:

In Florida, the average limit is $4,000 to $6,500, which happens within the center of the national average.

Aren’t you glad that you live in an era where dental treatment is based on sound medical research, and not weird myths and beliefs? The braces you’re expected to wear have been specially designed, based on thorough testing, with the main purpose of correcting known malocclusions. All you need to do is follow your orthodontist’s prescription and you’ll soon get back that beautiful smile – no need for special incarnations.