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By Peterparker on March 27, 2021

The New Business Model

In this new era of information, business promote the new (now) standardized and stereotyped model of the cyber “door-to-door” salesman, armed with lap top, cell phone, palm pilot; ready day and night for a next good war against the next competitor’s web page displayed. In this new world of “brief cased guinea pigs” totally “overloaded” by the quantity of digital information, where technology is the weapon against the neighbor, the good old “dollar buck” is the only reward; rewarded and quantified to the best “optimized”, “suited and tied” digital business slave.
a = (1(small business) + 2(good idea) + 3(great potential) + 4 (determination));
factorX = ‘no money’;
print (a + factorX);
>> [processor fault]
Where on this dynamic LCD/CRT two dimensional world that is the modern computer world of today, a “promising” small business can go without the factor x? Without a website, who are you? Without a website how you can sell your products? Many solutions exists out there, in the so called “the free world”, but which one is reliable, which one is really there to help your situation? Which one really think of you as a business in this kind of situation?
I personally try them all, I was also even at the point to register to the “seems to be miraculous” five letters starting with a “Y”; merchant solution then… Wait, stop, backup, what about one solution that provide me everything that I need: Web hosting, Merchant Tools, Catalog Manager, Order Management System, Business Email, DNS Hosting, Database Service, Ftp Account and place that can index my website and the products it contains, for free…? is it possible? Is it the “new business model” that I am looking for? Or I still need to struggle against the stereotyped description as above during weeks and a lot of PDF printed forms? to get…whatever?
Then it all comes together: wOOmba.NET, what about providing one free internet solution that offer everything a small business need to “start up” on the internet, then I start rumbling with my favorite type of “IBM lemmings” to give to thousands of people around the world the opportunity to have access to the proper tools in order to save time and money, and be successful with their small business.
Today wOOmba is a constant growing community born from theses little enterprises that think like us that the internet should be a “free and open minded” business tools for companies. Sometimes the best idea don’t come from giants, but from simple people that sees things differently, and grouped together make something gigantic…