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By Peterparker on April 29, 2022

How Do You Get Wps Office Spreadsheet For Free?

Alternative to Microsoft Office, which is entirely free.

Kingsoft Office’s WPS Office Free is a productivity program. It is a free option to address your day-to-day office needs. Mainly WPS office suite includes a word processor, a spreadsheet, and a presentation maker.

WPS Office Free is a free alternative to Microsoft Office compatible with Microsoft Office. It even replicates the popular office suite’s exclusive design and fundamental functionality. Furthermore, it integrates effectively with other well-known office suites such as OpenOffice and LibreOffice. Most importantly, it consumes less space and resources than its competitors.

You’ll have everything you need

WPS Office Free includes functionality found in many office suites. It can generate new documents as well as update existing ones. Its suites contain advanced features and standard tools like modifying font style and size, adding slides, and constructing formulas. The ability to track changes, print via Google Cloud Print, and encrypt files are just a few. You can also add your favorite fonts by installing additional fonts.

WPS Spreadsheet now has its upgraded version with Supporting charts and built-in formulas making it more user-friendly and beneficial to others. Meanwhile, the presentation suite offers a presenter mode that uses a laser pointer to play your slideshows. Finally, you can draw on the screen with this pointer a read-only view in the Writer App, WPS Office Free’s version of Microsoft Word. You can flip between the pages as if they were pages in a book. It also comes with a PDF viewer, albeit you can’t use it to edit your files.

The software, like its competitors, provides unrestricted cloud storage. However, because files cannot exceed 1GB, you can only save small files. Furthermore, despite its extensive list of capabilities, WPS Office Free still lacks a few key features. There are no built-in templates in its suites, unlike Microsoft Office. Users must manually download them from Kingsoft’s website and put them into the programs to use them. Furthermore, the presentation lacks valuable features such as the animation option.

Familiar and fluid controls

WPS Office Free has a user interface similar to the new Microsoft Office. You’ll have no trouble using this app if you’ve ever used one. It uses the same ribbon, with all of the most frequently used tools and options prominently. You won’t have to waste time looking for the settings menu or the tools you require. The app, as previously said, has a low system need, ensuring quick performance.

On the other hand, WPS Office Free does not function similarly to other free office suites. It does not allow consumers to use all of the capabilities available. On the other hand, certain features are only available for a limited period. Users will have to watch adverts to obtain the time to use them. It’s a small price to pay to access this fantastic software bundle.

Pros & Cons Of WPS Office Spreadsheet:


  •     A long list of valuable features
  •     Compatible with Microsoft Office and other office suites
  •     Ribbon interface that you’re used to
  •     System requirements for lighting


  •     It has Limited cloud storage of 1GB in its free version.
  •     There are no animation tools in the presentation.
  •     One of the features is Timed access.
  •     There are advertisements on this page.

Summing up:

WPS office free is an excellent alternative to MS Office. WPS Office is available with an extensive list of convenient features. Its versatility differentiates it from other applications. Additionally, it is available with a familiar ribbon interface so that users can run it efficiently. However, it does not include all features that Microsoft Office offers. With the WPS Office, you have to watch ads to access specific tools. Regardless of all the facts, it is the most valuable and excellent software. 

Lastly, it is an all-in-one office software/app offering quick results. Be you want to write a doc, create an excel sheet or prepare a ppt file, download the WPS office suite free now.   

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