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By Ashok Khulve on October 18, 2021

Basic Dental Problems Shared By Orthodontist

We all know that crooked and incorrect teeth alignment is always difficult to clean and harder to maintain. This generally leads to additional dental issues like tooth decay and gum diseases. An orthodontic specialists who is a professional and who has undergone 2-3 years of postdoctoral study in orthodontics, after graduating from dental school. He not only corrects these problems but also restores the patient’s self-esteem by helping him to get a beautiful and healthy smile.

Here are some common problems that are shared by an orthodontist:

1. Open Bite Problem:

It usually starts when the upper and lower tooth does not touch when you bite, there’s an open space that’s left between these teeth. Chewing pressure is going to place the back teeth, exposing them to wear and tear. This is often caused by habits like thumb sucking. Hence after treatment, you’ll be able to see the overbite before and after. To fix overbite you need to get treatment which often involves the use of braces to realign the jaws and get a proper bite.

2. Overcrowded or Congested:

This is the most common problem and is often caused by an imbalance between the size of the dental arch and the size of the teeth. When you have bigger and the dental arch is too small, the teeth look crowded and unattractive. This is the major problem that can be solved by fixing braces, and in some cases, the orthodontist may have to extract the tooth.

3. Odd Spacing:

When the size of the dental arch is too big, and the size of the teeth too small, there appears space between the teeth. This spacing may also be caused by a missing tooth as a result of trauma or accident. Needless to say, they look embarrassing. Looking for orthodontist for treatment for this problem involves the use of braces that can close these spaces.

4. Cross Bite:

A crossbite takes place when the upper front teeth bite inside the lower front teeth. This condition can cause strain in the jaw joints frequently and this also leads to temporomandibular joint problems. There’s also another condition where the upper back teeth bite inside the lower back teeth. It’s important that this issue is addressed at an early stage. This treatment involves the usage of braces or removable plates that help in realigning the jaws.

5. Buck teeth or Protruding teeth:

This problem is often caused when the lower jaw is set behind the upper jaw. Habits like thumb sucking also add to the problem. Treatment for buck teeth usually starts from fixed braces to even jaw surgery in extreme cases.


Besides these problems, if you’re looking for the best teeth alignment dentist you need to visit orthodontic care specialists. You can also treat problems related to ectopic, impacted, and missing teeth. Normal dentists will address this issue as minor dental problems, but major problems such as these can only be corrected by an orthodontist.