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By Peterparker on August 27, 2021

Your Complete Guide To ESA & Service Animal Registration

There are only a few things that can offer you comfort and joy when you are not feeling okay!! Taking your pet for a walk or cuddling and having fun with them offers an exceptional emotional support companionship you’ll cherish till the end.

The comforting presence of animals is proven. You can easily enhance your dopamine levels by having a furry friend by your side. If you have anxiety, emotional or psychological conditions, then you must know about emotional support animal registration.

With an official ESA registration, you can take your four-legged emotional support companion wherever you want. This ESA registration makes your animal eligible to stay by your side without any additional training requirements. This post is an attempt to guide you through the process of getting your furry friend registered to be with you legally.

Confusion between support animal and service animal?

In the most basic definition, it can be said that a service animal could be your dog who is trained to switch the lights on and press the buttons to call an elevator. On the other hand, ESA qualified support animal doesn’t require training because they merely serve to your therapeutic needs. Support animals being less trained doesn’t make them less important, in fact with support animal registration your furry friend can get varied legal rights.

What are the rights of a support animal?

Through Emotional Support Animal Registration your pet gets the legal rights in the key areas of travel and housing.

  • You won’t be charged with additional fee or carrier to fly with your support animal
  • You can get accommodation even at a place which abides by the ‘no pets’ policy
  • ESA registered pets are safe from the breed and weight discrimination policies

How to register for ESA?

In order to register for an emotional support animal, you need a letter from a mental health expert who recommend you to have therapeutic benefits from a pet. Individuals who are diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and certain mental health conditions are eligible to get an ESA certificate. There are few important things that you should know about ESA registration:

  • Only a licensed health care provider (HCP) can help you with official ESA registration.
  • If you can’t make an appointment with a licensed HCP, you can apply online to register your emotional support animal.
  • Online services cost money, but after evaluation, your pets can become legal ESA in a hassle-free way.

To ensure that you have a legit ESA letter, try to find the most genuine Emotional Support Animal Registration services online. Stay away from shady services that guarantee to deliver the official letter within hours. The process requires thorough evaluation and takes time. The key steps to get a valid ESA letter online would include:

  1. Fill up a questionnaire: You need to fill up a form and give genuine responses to show why you need a support animal.
  2. Connect with a licensed HCP: Online agencies would charge for the service, but they can get you a consent form produced by a licensed HCP, who had evaluated your conditions and granted you the eligibility to register for an ESA.
  3. Receive your ESA Certificate: Within two to three business days after the application approval, you can expect to receive your valid ESA letter. You can use the letter immediately to avail the legal benefits.
    1. Bottom line

      Official ESA registration offers you a wide range of legal rights. But make sure you get it from a legit source because the ESA letter must contain licensing information and verifiable contact details of the HCP. For further guidance, get in touch with which is widely trusted to administer services for licensed mental health providers.