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By Peterparker on June 27, 2021


Human settlements, whether in an urban or rural environment, will always bring a host of creatures that feed on our discarded waste and trash. Unfortunately, they also carry pathogens that cause diseases in humans. When they go out of control, they can lead to mass illness and hospitalization.

Pest control services, therefore, are essential for any developed community. It is especially crucial for urban areas where people live close together with one another. The threats of rodents and insects in such a place are very real and must not be ignored.

Pests bring all sorts of diseases when it comes to contact with people or with the food that they eat. For the most part, our behaviors are enough to curtail pest problems. Proper disposal of garbage, regular cleaning of our homes, and storing food items properly is considered to be good practice if you want to avoid rodents and insects overrunning our home.

However, in certain scenarios, our own efforts to control pests are not enough and we would need to get in contact with a professional. These uncertain times of social distancing and city-wide or country-wide lockdowns are one such scenario that requires us to put a lot more emphasis on ensuring our homes are not infested with disease-carrying critters.

Pest Control During COVID-19

As the world waits to rid itself of the COVID-19 virus, we are forced to remain indoors to stop the spread of the virus. We can’t go out to socialize and all our work is done at home. All these hours spent indoors means a higher chance for pests to thrive on all the leftover takeouts and experimental dishes we create in our kitchen to combat boredom.

Not only that, because people are prevented from going out to do their normal routine, many have turned to use their backyards or spacious parks to get their exercise or to relax. This practice brings people in close proximity to ticks and mosquitoes.

Businesses too are facing the same problem. There are very few people going to commercial spaces and so there are very few disturbances in these spaces making it an ideal place for pests to breed and thrive. Birds can cause damage to the roof which leads to a small leak in roof that becomes bigger.

The gnawing of rodents causes property damage and their droppings can contaminate the food supply. Their numbers can quickly balloon when they have steady access to food such as trash sitting for a number of days or a poorly maintained pantry.

While we wait for the COVID-19 virus to be eradicated, it’s important to stress how important hygiene and sanitation are to our overall health and wellbeing. This is not the time to get sick and so we must do everything we can to ensure that our health is safeguarded. Besides personal hygiene we should also pay attention to our surroundings, making sure it contributes to our wellbeing.

We cannot let a couple of insects or rodents running amok our homes be the reason for us landing in the emergency room.