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By Andrin on March 1, 2023

What Things Should You Not Do While Wearing Metal Braces?

Are you a newbie to braces or already wearing them, whether you are new or already wearing braces? You should know that braces need special care and that certain things should be kept in mind to avoid damaging them.

When wearing braces, cleaning them can be challenging, and to make that easy, you need to avoid certain foods and drinks that can damage your teeth and braces. So it is necessary to prevent all sticky, crunchy, or hard foods as they can damage your braces and hurt your teeth. Stay away from these, and you will have a safe and happy braces journey. Ask your adult orthodontics near me if you have any problems.

If you eat the wrong foods, you may twist your wires, break the bracket, and wait for an appointment to fix your braces. This can cause other oral issues too, and your gums can be damaged and cause gum disease due to infection.

Here is everything you should avoid while wearing braces and what you can do to keep your orthodontic treatment good till the treatment end. Let’s get started with the list:

● Foods to Avoid

When you eat the wrong foods, they can stick to your teeth and cause damage to your teeth and braces. Eating the wrong food can disrupt orthodontic treatment and take longer than usual. Ask your orthodontist in Hollywood, fl, for a food list to eat and not to.

List of foods that you should avoid:

Chewing Gum:

You should avoid anything sticky when wearing braces, especially anything that sticks to your teeth and will stick to your braces, probably potentially damaging them.

Chewing gum can cause your brackets, rubber bands, and wires to become dislocated.

Ice Chewing:

If you have a habit of chewing ice, stop, as it is dangerous to chew ice, it can harm your teeth and braces! Ice is hard, so you should avoid chewing or biting on it.

Crunchy and Hard Foods:

While wearing braces, you should stop eating anything crunchy and hard. These include hard bread, apples, potato chips, and popcorn.

You can still enjoy mashed carrots, mashed potatoes, and celery. Instead of eating crunchy, sugary breakfast cereal, eat oatmeal with maple syrup.

● Using teeth as a tool

Many people have a habit of biting on their nails and using their teeth to open a can or packet and use it as a tool despite bracing!

If you have braces Hollywood fl, ensure you never use your teeth for anything other than eating, including opening bottles, tearing apart bags, bending cables, and biting on objects.

Undoubtedly, you may damage the braces and can have severe tooth damage or decay.

In Conclusion:

Talk to your dentist and clear your doubt if you have any questions or concerns. If you have bruxism, you can wear a night guard while you sleep. Your bay harbor islands orthodontist will create the perfect night guard to keep your teeth and braces safe while you sleep. Contact your orthodontist if you go through any problems during the treatment.