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By Andrin on January 19, 2023

What Do You Know Regarding Space Maintainers?

Appliances used in the mouth to maintain and preserve space are known as Space Maintainers. They are required when one or more primary molars have been lost too soon due to trauma or illness. Using a space maintainer, the permanent teeth can erupt or grow into the correct alignment with proper tooth-to-tooth contact. However, kids dentist biscayne park may recommend removable partial dentures as space maintainers if multiple front teeth are missing and a child’s look is compromised.

It is typically not required to use a space maintainer when front teeth are lost prematurely. When used appropriately, space maintainers can stop the first molars from moving, preserving the space for other teeth, including the adult bicuspid and canines, which are permanent.

Why may your child need space maintainers?

According to an affordable pediatric dentist near me, not every kid needs a space maintainer whenever a baby’s tooth falls out. They typically need space maintainers when a kid loses a tooth before their permanent replacement has formed or is about to erupt. It may manifest as a result of trauma, dental decay, or, on rare occasions, naturally. When a baby tooth falls out before its replacement is prepared to erupt, the neighboring teeth of the child may slide into the newly created gap.

According to a childrens dental care specialist, when this occurs, the permanent tooth cannot erupt when it is ready. Overcrowding, bite issues, and impacted teeth are all consequences of failing to make room for a child’s permanent teeth. As opposed to subsequently trying to make room for permanent teeth, it is always simpler to make sure that space for a tooth exists.

What are the possible risks of using space maintainers?

General dentistry for kids Miami fl says oral hygiene is one of the biggest dangers of utilizing a space maintainer. Poor oral hygiene in children can lead to swollen gums. In the worst scenario, the space maintainer may develop an inflammatory ring. Tooth decay risk can also be increased by poor oral hygiene.

Making and installing a space maintainer could be particularly challenging for young patients. Several types of space maintainers, particularly the distal shoe, require periodic monitoring and modification to ensure the device doesn’t prevent the regular emergence of the permanent first molars into the mouth.

What is the process of space maintainer fabrication?

As customizable appliances, space maintainers come in a variety of sizes. A site impression (measurement) is taken after a decision regarding the kind of space caretaker is discussed and made. The dental lab will create a space maintainer after receiving the impression. VIP pediatric dentist believes the fit of the space maintainer in the patient’s mouth is examined at the second visit. If necessary, minor modifications are made.

Following the placement of the space maintainer in the patient’s mouth, all proper and necessary instructions are delivered. After a week, a follow-up appointment is typically advised to address any small painful spots and assess gum health.


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