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By Kurtis Nace on July 8, 2022

What Are the Five Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction?

A dentist will recommend the Patient for Tooth Extraction Near Me treatment only when the health of your tooth is beyond repair or restorative. You can compromise your smile for an unhealthy tooth; Patients can take consultation from the most convenient facility of Tooth Extraction Sunny Isles. Tooth extraction may be performed for the following reasons:

1. Tooth Decay or cavity

Tooth decay or cavity is the most common reason for tooth extraction. Patients need to extract their unhealthy teeth due to tooth cavities, and this is because you may not have to see the dentist for regular examination or cleaning for years. Yes, it takes years for a tooth to get a cavity. In its early stages, tooth decay attacks the outermost layer called the tooth’s enamel, from enamel to dentin and further deeper to the core of the teeth. And the reaction of pulp and bacteria results in root canal infection. The longer you are away from the treatment, your case becomes more extensive and infectious. Sometimes if not treated, your bacteria may reach the jaw or head. So to prevent these types of severe conditions, you must visit the dentist at least twice a year.

2. Gum Disease

When your gums are left untreated, this situation is the same as tooth decay. The final stages of gum disease can cause degeneration of the tissues, ligaments, and supporting bone of your teeth. As the base structure of your teeth deteriorates, the teeth become loose. Eventually, your teeth start falling with fewer strength muscles, so you can’t get an implant. So it’s become more expansive and complicated for the dentist too. So for a regular check-up, you can visit Tooth Extraction Sunny Isles.

 3. Overcrowded Teeth

Tooth Extraction Aventura may be performed as an orthodontist plan for diseases tooth. If the Patient’s teeth are overcrowded, the dentist may recommend the removal of teeth. Then this process will create a space for the remaining teeth, so your teeth start covering the area. In this case, you need a dental implant to fill that gap and feel good about your smile. In this case, you can visit Dental Extraction Near Me.

4. Impacted Teeth

An impacted or erupted tooth means teeth that go beyond the gumline or are partially attached to the gum line. Several causes for this type of situation include overcrowding, a tooth that comes in the opposite direction or the wrong direction– twisted and tilted. The molar teeth more often come this way because of less space inside the mouth.

5. Tooth Breakage

If a tooth breaks or chips near the gum line, and there may be enough tooth structure left, then a dental crown is the best option to save the teeth. But if that partially attached tooth is giving immeasurable pain, then Dental Extraction Sunny Isles may be the need of the hour.

Hopefully, you will find this information useful to you. To gather more information, book a scheduled appointment with your local dentist today.