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By Kurtis Nace on August 2, 2022

How To Fix An Underbite With The Help Of Braces?

Although underbites are less frequent than overbites, they are regular enough for orthodontists to correct them regularly. You can fix the underbite in various ways. The severity of the underbite will typically determine this. They use underbite braces and elastics to move the top teeth forward and the bottom teeth back for this slight underbite.

As orthodontist Hollywood fl says, placing a rubber band between the top and bottom teeth and holding it there for a while will cause the top and bottom teeth to reposition themselves correctly, correcting a slight underbite. Your teeth will become straight, your jaw is aligned, and they frequently tighten the braces.

As your braces are adjusted numerous times throughout your treatment, your jaw will progressively realign with your teeth, which can help correct an underbite. A best pediatric dentist Miami may advise a patient to wear rubber bands along with their braces occasionally.

What are the non-surgical methods of correcting underbites?

Fortunately, most underbites may be corrected using conventional orthodontic techniques. Some situations might call for surgery. Treatments are frequently most effective when used throughout childhood and preadolescence. When the jaw is still developing, it can be slightly molded. You can successfully treat underbite in adults, but it frequently requires surgery. Depending on how severe your underbite is, you may need therapy.


Underbites can range from minor to severe, and you can use braces to address them by realigning the teeth. It may also improve the appearance of an underbite by removing one or more teeth from the lower jaw, depending on how severe the underbite is. The procedure is painless, so don’t worry. A dental expert will apply a local anesthetic to the tooth extraction site.

You will feel nothing more than a slight pressure. The orthodontist North Miami may advise wearing a “reverse-pull” face mask or an upper jaw expander at night. It is to broaden the upper jaw or pull the lower jaw back into place.


For milder underbites, clear braces like Invisalign may be an alternative to metal braces, which they use more frequently for moderate to severe underbites. With the help of clear aligners or retainers, Invisalign gradually realigns your teeth. To gradually correct your underbite, you must wear these aligners for at least 22 hours per day for up to a year.

Best orthodontists near me frequently use dental elastics with Invisalign. These elastic bands, which are fastened to “buttons” on the Invisalign aligners, exert greater force to enhance the fit of your teeth.

Facemask therapy

A facemask is a device worn on your face, as the name suggests. It lies on your chin and forehead. Elastics connect your upper jaw and the device. Move your upper jaw forward to realign the upper and lower halves. Commitment is necessary for this treatment. For about a year, the facemask must generally be for 16 hours daily. It works well with kids eight years old and younger. Teenagers can also benefit from using it.


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