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By Kurtis Nace on November 8, 2022

How Orthodontists fix Overbite in Children?

Overbite issues are entirely normal; many people come up with overbite issues.

And you need to correct an overbite; it may create other oral problems. Your child may need an orthodontist when your upper teeth protrude over your bottom teeth, even if it is 20%.

Many people with lovely smiles have a slight overbite. If your child has a deep or closed bite or a jaw misalignment, also called malocclusion, if your child is facing such a problem, then the concern is appropriate. Your child needs orthodontic treatment for good health.

When an overbite is not treated, it can cause painful problems that can’t be corrected in adults. There are options like dental braces for overbites; your pediatric dentist Miami fl, may suggest braces for an overbite.

Fixing overbite in children

Fixing an overbite in children is much easier than in adults; it is so because children’s jaw is still in the growth stage, and any issues can be fixed.

Your orthodontist will take an x-ray of your child’s teeth and will create a treatment plan for your child’s dental issue.

In some cases, if the child is very young, the orthodontist will pull out the baby teeth so there is enough space for the permanent teeth to mature straight. And if your child is old, the dentist may suggest overbite braces.

These help move the teeth slowly from their position to correct the overbite and the jaw alignment. Your dentist will treat your child’s teeth, but you must ensure that your child maintains healthy oral health by brushing their teeth daily.

Your dentist will create a treatment plan to fix your child’s overbite and ensure the treatment must obtain your full support as it may be difficult for your child to handle. They might get frustrated by such things, and it is your role to give them knowledge and help them.

A regular and timely early orthodontic evaluation can help determine how to prevent dental problems in your child. If your child shows you the sign of an overbite coming in or other dental issues, make sure to consult your orthodontist soon.

Visit your dentist regularly to detect any hidden or upcoming oral issues. You can see overbite before and after images to ensure the treatment and also overbite before and after braces pictures.

Why is it essential to fix children’s overbite?

Fixing the overbite is essential as it can cause other dental problems, so it is necessary to treat an overbite. There are a few things that may occur, including

  • Gum damage

It can damage either the back gums of the upper teeth or the front gums of the lower teeth may fray down.

  • Pain

Not treating the misalignment may create chronic pain in the jaw. Sometimes it may lead to severe headaches and other pain throughout the body.

  • Tooth damage

The tooth will get damaged and wear down as often, and this may cause the enamel to wear down and give the teeth cracks or chips, and this can rush the need for restoration and replacements.

  • Difficulty in speaking

With an overbite, your child may find it difficult to speak and learn new speech sounds difficult.

  • Difficulty chewing

Your child may find it difficult to eat foods without the full capability of teeth and jaw.

In conclusion:

Visit orthodontists specialists in Florida and make your child’s overbite treated. Make an appointment with your dentist to learn more about overbites.