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By on October 1, 2020

How can the dental laughing gas be effective for dental onlay?

In dental offices, we often see the dentists using an instrument to show the internal parts of our mouth. This device is called the Intra Oral Camera. This tool is used instead of a mirror. With help of this camera, it has become possible to see the internal parts of your mouth by both of you and check teeth and gums with ease and other things like tooth decay or gum disease. In fact, when a patient visits a dentist for a checkup after major surgery, the dentist takes the help of this instrument and checks all the parts where the surgery has been done and whether it is in a good condition or not.

The dental intra oral camera has been specially designed for the dental industry. It has been given the shape of a pen or a stick which is easy to insert in the patient’s mouth and check all the parts. Dentists find it easy to use rather than using a mirror where it was possible to view the inside of the mouth only by the dentist. The patient could not see where the actual issues were happening. This intra oral tool has made the entire process simple and fast.

One more important addition to the dental industry is dental laughing gas. This gas is applied to make the patient feel comfortable and not feel heavy pain. It is also known as nitrous oxide which is absolutely safe and effective in nature. It is mixed oxygen and inhaled with the help of a small mask only over your nose just to make the patient feel relax. This laughing gas also reduces stress, anxiety, and fear of the patient. This gas is used in case of surgeries actually like tooth extraction, dental bridges, and all. A patient can feel the pressure but not the pain.

Coming to discuss the dental onlay, it is a process where dental restoration is used to repair a decayed, damaged, cracked, or a chipped tooth. The onlay procedure corrects the damaged portion of a tooth. When we compare a crown and onlay, it is found that onlay is a less aggressive restoration as less tooth structure is required to be removed. Though the costs are similar in many clinics, somewhere onlay is cheaper than a crown. Therefore, when there is a requirement of restoration of a few teeth is felt, an onlay procedure is suggested.

In the treatment of onlay, the required tooth structure is removed first. Then a patient needs to visit the dentist after somedays to do the next step. The dentist applies internal fillings to the tooth and washes and polishes the cemented and bonded structure on the tooth in the next visit. Generally, the first visit takes sometimes as the tooth structure is removed. After that, all the steps can be done quickly. The dentist also suggests how to take care of the tooth once the onlay is done and it is really very important to know because the patient has to follow those steps.