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By Andrin on May 24, 2022

Why Are Onyx Gemstones So Widely Popular?

Onyx Gemstone is one of the most intriguing stones you may encounter. It is a Chalcedony mineral that contains a hardness of 7. It is the zodiac sign of Leo and the birthstone of Capricorn. Since its discovery, it has been a famous stone, ever since its dictionary. It was extremely popular among ancient Greeks and Romans. They believe it removes negative cosmic energies.

It is supposed to be a stone that benefits all chakras. It is the tenth anniversary stone. Therefore onyx stone is suitable for couples celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. Hair, fingernails, and skin are said to benefit from it. Stones of black onyx offer protective properties.

What are the physical healing properties of onyx gemstone?

Black Onyx Stone carries great grounding energies that help you feel stable in this world. This deep dark gem also helps improve the immune system, raises your stamina, and allows you to get back on your feet, especially after a long duration of fatigue or illness. Onyx is an excellent gem for recovery. It helps you avoid relapse by encouraging your body to focus on healing physically.

These semi precious stones can help maintain the body’s bone marrow and tissue structures and strengthen teeth and bones. Onyx has strong vibrations and can give the user feelings of strength and courage. Black Onyx not only creates a forcefield shield around you but also activates specific chakras in the body. It brings stability and creative focus and reveals new paths that lead to wisdom.

What are the emotional and mental healing properties of onyx stone?

When it comes to emotional or mental healing, Black onyx brings a sense of vitality and strength. One of the most effective ways to enhance your self-esteem and develop the art of self-control is to get rooted. Black Onyx is here to calm those prone to outbursts of anger, who can vividly feel the rise and fall of frustration, and who are frequently a jangly anxious mess.

It also binds wandering souls who might benefit from maintaining one foot on the ground. Onyx helps you master your sense of self to focus and make wise decisions for yourself and humanity. It enables you to stand clear in your authenticity and maintain a balance between task management while leaving enough room for your creative thing too.

What are the metaphysical properties of onyx gemstone?

Black onyx is associated with root chakra as it brings out all the great grounding energies that help you connect to the earth beneath your feet. The root chakra is one of the essential chakras because it allows the body to expel excess energy. If you do not cleanse the chakra base, throwing the entire chakra system out of balance is possible.

Black Onyx can also protect you while opening your crown chakra. It also saves you from any psychic activity or previous life exploration that could leave you susceptible. Green Onyx can help you spread the heart chakra and free the crown chakra with the help of White Onyx.


We hope the above information helps you expand your knowledge about Onyx gemstones. The article discusses Onyx gemstones’ emotional, physical, mental, and metaphysical properties. For more information regarding onyx gemstones, please visit